Loredana-Ileana VÎŞCU is the Prorector of the “Tibiscus” University of Timisoara Senate, a PhD Professor at the “Tibiscus” University of Timisoara, and also an associate didactic staff member: a professor at the “Aurel Vlaicu” University of Arad. At the Faculty of Psychology, “Tibiscus” University of Timisoara, she established the Centre of Qualitative Research in Counselling and Psychotherapy the director of which she is. As practitioner, Loredana-Ileana Vîşcu is a psychologist and psychotherapist in integrative psychotherapy and one of the founding members and president of the Institute of Psychotherapy, Psychological Counselling and Clinical Supervision (IPCS) and founding member and vice-president of the Association of Integrative Research, Counselling and Psychotherapy (ACCPI).

Her didactic and scientific activity is quantified in numerous papers, articles and books (more than 21 paper and studies with an ISI Thomson indexation), being also the co-author of the Integrative Strategic Model in Psychotherapy (Oana-Maria Popescu)

Loredana-Ileana Vîşcu is: Chartered Psychologist – at the British Psychology Society U.K. (BPS); trainer and supervisor: EAIP (European Association of Integrative Psychotherapy); EIATSCYP (European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapeutic Services for Children and Young People); FPR (Romanian Federation of Psychotherapy); and CPR (The Romanian Psychologists’ College). She is also a member of: APA (The American Psychologists’ Association), SEPI (The Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration), ACA (American Counseling Association) and APR (The Association of Romanian Psychologists).

Zeno GOZO is a university professor, with a PhD in Philosophy. He graduated in 1998 the Institute of Specialized Higher Education, the Socio-Pedagogy profile from Dortmund, Germany, and in 2007 he obtained a PhD diploma in Philosophy from the West University of Timisoara. He is an independent specialist psychotherapist with the right of free practice according to the Romanian Psychologists College in the Systemic and family therapy approach. He is also a specialist counsellor in Individual and group experiential counselling and experiential unification counselling owning a certificate for training trainers. His areas of specialization and interests include: philosophy, ethics and deontology, anthropology, aesthetics, history of psychology, philosophical references to psychology, systemic family therapy, constructivist and constructionist developments.




John DIMINO is a clinical psychologist and serves as the director of the Mimesis Center in the U.S., an association for the study of myth and group process. He uses the Mimesis method in the training of professionals and graduate students in psychology and social work and has consulted with universities, religious and secular organizations. He served as director of counseling services at Temple University in Philadelphia for 24 years. The topics of his professional publications include the Mimesis method, supervision training, and psychotherapy outcomes. He recently published a book, “Shadow Work and Sacred Space,” that includes these areas of interest as well as teachings from Lakota Native American elders who invited him to participate in sacred ceremony.



Dejan Rakovic, PhD is a professor with a wide scientific interest, broadly related to materials science and biophysics, covering the fields of nanomaterials and biomaterials, nanotechnology and spectroscopy, as well as biophysics and bioinformatics of biomolecular, psychosomatic, cognitive and electrophysiological functions. He has published over 250 scientific papers and communications, cited over 500 times in scientific periodicals and monographs, and has given numerous invited lectures in former Yugoslavia and abroad. He is also referee of a number of journals in the fields of materials science, biophysics and biomedical engineering. He has got his B.Sc. degree in engineering physics from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, and his M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in theoretical physics from the Faculty of Science, at the University of Belgrade. Since 1997 he is the elected vice-president of the Yugoslav Materials Research Society, and guest co-editor of 10 volumes from YUCOMAT conferences.


Cristian Delcea, PhD, is an associate professor, with a PhD in Medical Sciences, member of the didactic staff of the Faculty of Psychology, “Tibiscus” University of Timisoara (UTT) and of the “Iuliu Haţieganu” University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Medicine (UMF). He is the director of the Center for Advanced Studies in Forensic Psychology within UTT and the president of the Institute of Sexology in Romania (IS). He teaches the following subjects: Neuropsychology, Genetics of Human Behavior, Forensic Psychology and Ethics and Academic Integrity. He currently has 32 ISI / IF indexed articles and 9 specialty books. He has scientifically standardized and validated 5 test batteries for the Romanian population. And he currently coordinates research projects for the implementation of software applications in sexual health services within the Institute of Sexology and coordinates an international sex therapy course at the country level.




Gabriel Cosmin BALACI, PhD, is a senior psychologist and supervisor and a lecturer at the „Vasile Goldis” West University of Arad. He has a PhD in Psychoanalysis and Psychopathology obtained at the Paris 7 University and a Masters diploma from the University of Bretagne Occidentale (UBO), France. He has also studied family and systemic psychology and child and family psychology.




Ioana-Eva CĂDARIU is a clinical psychologist and psychologist in integrative psychotherapy, being also a psychologist in the Centre of Counselling and Career Orientation (CCOC) from the „Tibiscus” University of Timisoara. She is also a training assistant in the Association for Research, Counselling and Integrative Psychotherapy (ACCPI). She is a member of the Romanian Psychologists College in Romania (CPR) and of the Marketing Department of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP). Her writing activity is materialized in the publication of studies, book chapters and specialized works in the field of integrative psychotherapy.